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Choose The Right Hair Cut According To Your Face Shape

Choosing the right haircut is like finding the perfect outfit—it’s not one-size-fits-all. Your haircut has the power to transform your entire look, so getting it right is key. Before you sit in that barber’s chair, it’s crucial to know your face shape and what styles will enhance your features. Whether you have a round, oval, square, heart, diamond, or triangle-shaped face, there’s a hairstyle that will highlight your best assets. In this blog, we’ll walk you through various haircut suggestions tailored to different face shapes, ensuring you find the one that brings out the best in you.

Understanding the Right Hair Cut According to Your Face Shape

  1. Square Shape 

Square-shaped faces possess a defined, angular jaw and are also one of the face shapes that suit the largest number of hairstyles. Such a shape is known for its ability to tackle considerable voluminous hair. So, you should not hesitate while experimenting with lengths and fuller hairstyles. Furthermore, there are many hairstyles that go well with this geometry, whether it is short hairstyles like a short quiff or long-length hairstyles such as textured waves; this ideal shape works well with all lengths. The following are some of the hairstyle suggestions that you may consider: 

  1. The poofy and disconnected undercut
  2. A high-fade pompadour (pairs great with a thick beard) 
  3. Side-swept with part 
  4. French crop styled into a quiff
  5. Buzzcuts (if you do not wish to attract much attention, then don’t cut the hair very short) 
  6. Comb over with medium fade
  7. Textured/wavy top with a high fade 
  8. Slicked back with an undercut
  1. Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is one of the classic face shapes for men, as it provides a good canvas for experimentation when it comes to men’s haircuts. Its versatility and balanced proportions make it one of the most desirable face shapes to have. There are a myriad of hairstyles that complement such face types; whether you want short, medium, or long hairstyles, they will all flatter your face structure. Here is a list of some hairstyles that you can try:

  1. Textured quiff accompanied with a high bald fade
  2. Messy-looking quiff with an undercut (plus a thick beard) 
  3. Refined hairstyle with shorter sides
  4. Classic taper fade with high comb over 
  5. Slicked back hair with undercut 
  6. Messy long fringe with tapered sides
  7. Undercut style with a comb-over fashion
  8. Pompadour paired with a high fade

3. Round Face Shape 

A round face shape features a broad hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. Such a face shape holds no defined angles or features to help make a face stand out. That’s why it becomes challenging to choose a hairstyle for such a face type. However, it is recommended to opt for something that provides your shape with some angular dimensions. For example, you can prefer a fuller-looking pompadour that will add the necessary volume to your hair and also deliver some height, which works to elongate the face. Moreover, you can combine such hairstyles with shorter sides to boost the elongation effect. ‘The following are some of the hairstyles that you may consider: 

  1. Long comb over with high skin fade
  2. Brushed-up hair with low to medium taper fade 
  3. Mid-skin fade with a textured quiff (pairs well with a thick beard!) 
  4. Short sides with side-swept fringe
  5. Hard side part with a medium fade

4. Heart Face Shape 

Individuals with heart face shapes possess narrower chins, so it is recommended to stay away from hairstyles that make your face look slimmer. However, growing your beard can also help balance the smaller bottom half of your face. With a heart face shape, you must prefer something that can make your chin look smaller and your forehead bigger. The following are some of the hairstyles that you must consider: 

  1. Medium-length swept hairstyle 
  2. Dimensional quiff with medium-length sides 
  3. Textured fringe with short sides 
  4. Long comb over with an undercut 
  5. High quiff with a low fade 
  6. Side part with the medium fade

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Before finding the perfect hairstyle for you, it’s always ideal to understand your face shape, as this will help you to achieve a hairstyle that compliments your features. Whether your face is square, oval, round, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, or triangular, there are multiple hairstyles that are tailored to accentuate your unique attributes. So, before you settle into the barber’s chair, take a moment to identify your face shape and discover the plethora of hairstyle options available. Or take help from a barber shop in Mississauga like MenZone holding a team of skilled stylists who have committed themselves to helping you create the ideal hairdo that complements your unique preferences and style.