Men’s Short Hairstyles: The Latest Trends For This Year

Men’s hair trends have taken an exciting turn this year in the ever-changing fashion world. The spotlight has again shifted to the classic short hairstyles that showcase a man’s natural charm. Although ‘short’ sounds simple, it’s actually an umbrella term for countless different styles, each with its own set of rules. Unfortunately, picking the right hairstyle isn’t always easy. Whether you are curious about this year’s top hair trends or seek inspiration to guide your barber, you’ll discover all you need in this blog post. 

Keep an Eye Out for These Men’s Latest Haircut Trends

We are halfway through the year, so let’s quickly jump into the popular short hairstyles for men that are a rage so far: 

  1. The Buzz Cut 

A buzz or wiffle cut is not just a haircut. In fact, it has become a fashion sensation in this era. This hairstyle has been adopted by several iconic celebrities and is now resurging as a top trend this year, particularly in Western and Asian countries. In a buzz cut, the hair is typically cut closer to the scalp, ensuring uniform length across all parts of the head. 

Furthermore, the wiffle cut is renowned for its simplicity and low maintenance, making it a suitable alternative for individuals who prioritize a neat and tidy appearance. Although this hairstyle complements all face shapes, individuals with round face shapes should consider this haircut, as it flatters their unique face shape and improves their sophisticated look. The best part is that such a hairstyle can also be customized per personal preference, giving you the power to create a unique look that suits your style.

  1. The Textured Crop

This hairstyle has been making waves with its textured, uneven layers. The textured crop features a unique combination of traditional crops along with a high fade while keeping things crisp at the back and sides. This hairstyle boasts sufficient hair on the sides and back to adequately cover the scalp and just enough length on top to display lift and texture. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance haircut alternative that offers a laid-back yet stylish vibe. The textured crop goes well with various face shapes and hair types, making it a favoured choice for many fashion-forward men. 

  1. The Fade 

Also known as military reg, the fade has become a staple in men’s hairstyles, which features tapering of hair length so it eventually fades into the skin. This hairstyle involves keeping the hair length longer on top and gradually shaving closer down the sides and back. 

From a casual day out to a formal event, the taper fade hairstyle effortlessly complements any occasion, making it a go-to choice for individuals who appreciate fashion and functionality. Military reg is a versatile alternative that often complements various face shapes, including round, oval, heart, square, oblong, and angular. It is easy to style and is perfect for hotter weather conditions. 

  1. The French Crop 

Like a textured crop, a French crop is a unique hairstyle featuring short, horizontally straight-cut bangs. This versatile haircut involves longer hair on top and faded sides, providing a neater appearance round the clock. In addition to this, the French crop requires minimal styling and suits receding hairlines well. While this haircut suits countless face shapes, it particularly looks great with oval and square heart-shaped faces, making it a flexible choice for many. 

Besides its adaptability, it’s important to note that a French crop can be challenging to pull off. Before committing to one, it’s crucial to know whether you’re a good candidate for the French crop or at least be aware that it is a risk. While the French crop can dramatically upgrade your features, it poses a risk if not tailored correctly to your face shape and hair type.

  1. The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut traces its roots to Roman statesman and Julius Caesar and is supposedly worn to hide a thinning top and receding hairline. Whether planning a day out brunch or going for a formal event, such a haircut appears neat, easy to style, and suitable for all occasions. Plus, it is a versatile haircut that can be worn with anything from straight to wavy hair and to thin and thick hair. However, it is particularly going well on individuals with receding hairlines, providing you with a messier look; it ticks all the boxes for the ideal haircut for a thinning top.


From classic styles like the buzz and fade cuts to contemporary looks such as the textured crop, French, and Caesar cuts, there are diverse and exciting options to suit every personality and preference. Remember, your best hairstyle depends on current trends, your hair type, your lifestyle, and how much time you are willing to invest in maintenance. Choose wisely and make your hairstyle a signature part of your personal style this year. At MEN ZONE, our talented stylists are devoted to helping you achieve the ideal hairstyle that suits your tastes and style. Don’t hesitate—schedule your appointment now!