A unique "Executive Grooming One Stop Shop" experience that encompasses barbering, laser hair removal, facial, and manicure/pedicure services. The MEN ZONE experience can be imitated, but never replicated.


The year 2016, saw the first location to carry the MEN ZONE name open its doors in Mississauga, marking the beginning of a revolutionary era within the barbering industry. Today, the brand's presence across three locations and continuously growing points resolutely towards the future whilst holding unwaveringly to the traditions of the barbering industry.

The MEN ZONE success is a product of our four pillars: People, our belief in diversity and treating people with kindness and humility. Community, giving back to our community, by working closely with those within it. Quality, guaranteeing a superior customer experience regardless of the location. Honesty, treating our team members, guest, and vendors with a high level of integrity. Resulting in each service being performed with devotion, reflecting the very best in the barbering industry.

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From the very inception of the brand, MEN ZONE endeavoured to revolutionize the barbering industry to create a holistic experience for all through the incorporation of barbering, laser hair removal, manicure & pedicure services catered to all. Creating an unmatched experience that pays homage to the traditional barbering industry.

The brand has gained recognition from several prestigious outlets (Top Choice Award, Toronto Hair and Beauty Supply) for its performance as the best barbershop in the Greater Toronto Area. This has fueled the desire to continue innovation, and deliver a consumer-centric value proposition that exhibits a robust understanding of their untapped desires.

"The more we innovate, the more we realize how much more we can achieve."

The first location, the inspiration and foundation for the many others to follow in the ensuing years, was consciously intended to serve as a flagship for the brand, an embodiment of concepts that could revolutionize the barbering industry. Within a short period, the term "My Zone" came into existence, signifying the emotional attraction cultivated by the MEN ZONE experience.


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An experience orchestrated by MEN ZONE is characterized by its sheer brilliance through the emphasis on function dictating form. The utilization of an advanced website and phone application amongst other technological tools has enabled the brand to create a seamless and convenient appointment booking experience for clients.

This experience is perpetuated, once the client is in the MEN ZONE location, and engulfed within the executive lounge yet family-like atmosphere, where for that precise moment in time their life worries are put on hold, and relaxation and self-pampering are their sole focus.

The creation of the perfect atmosphere is the inspiration that continues to serve as the founding principle of the brand's philosophy, creating a holistic atmosphere catered to all is the keystone of the MEN ZONE methodology.


The MEN ZONE brand was born, the result of the intertwining of two diverse experiences with one common objective in mind, the achievement of sheer innovation and brilliance.

One founder possessing over twenty nine years of diverse experience in international business development, event and exhibition management, trade facilitation, and strategic communication spanning across North/South America, the Middle East, and Asia.

With the Co-founder possessing over twenty eight years of technical and managerial experiences in the professional barbering industry throughout various upscale salons in North America, the Middle East, and Europe resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its needs.

Thanks to their relentless hard work, perseverance, and R&D capabilities, the brand distinguished it's, reinventing the modern barbering industry.

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Various strategic alliances have propelled the brand to new unprecedented heights, through the ability to cater to consumers with a multifaceted strategy. Discover the brand through its unique respectively innovative partners.

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MEN ZONE distributes various brands of beauty supply products, with a focus on continuously improving and sourcing new, innovative professional hair, beard, and skin care products for clients, barbershops, salons, and spas. In addition to the research and development of MEN ZONE branded products, utilizing the best ingredients available on the market to yield consumers unmatched results.

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